Sunday, September 13, 2009

My new Kicks!

So, after much contemplation.....I kept with the same shoe. My old ones were just very worn down. I tried on some heavenly Brooks (Trance 9), but the girl at the shoe store said she wouldn't recommend trying completely new shoes, this late in a training cycle. Just a bit of a bummer, because they felt like pillows, compared to the Mizunos. Hopefully new shoes will be the answer to my shin/calf/ankle aches. Apparently the Mizunos do start out slightly angled in the an effort to compensate for women's wider hips, blah, blah, blah. Genetic shoe engineering at it's finest. I feel like I need to start searching for an orange shirt to wear on M-day, so I can match! Tomorrow will start week 12.... only 4 more weeks....holy cow!!


Marlene said...

You'll have to try a different kind next time around, but I have to agree... not a great time to experiment. Enjoy the new kicks!

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said... would be hard for me to pass up the pillows.. I totally tune out shop shoe talk.

I just bought a GREAT Nike Orange shirt from Sports Authority that would look perfect with your shoes....or the Brooks people have an AMAZING Run Happy technical T-shirt that is my favorite and orange as well...I wore it in my race this weekend... there is a link to their website on my blog..

4 weeks Holy Cow is RIGHT!! So excited for you.

Running, kind of. said...

HA! I had a post titled My New Kicks too! Pretty funny! I can't believe what a difference new shoes make! I was having all sorts of foot, heel, shin, and calf pain. I was trying to stretch my shoes just a LITTLE bit further!

I always wonder how knowledgeable the shoe people are at the store. I actually switched from Adidas to Saucony this time. But I was very adamant about wanting a completely different shoe. I would tend to agree though with only a few weeks to Marathon time you may want to stick with what works! Go with the Brooks Pillows next!

gina said...

I almost called you this morning to see if you got your new shoes and how they felt. Did you get any powerstep inserts?