Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Days 48 & 49 - Blocked!

Tragedy of all tragedies...the hospital I work at decided to BLOCK! I rely on work to get caught up on my emails, bloggy world and updating this blog! Add to that a home office remodel (on a whim) and I'm a bit behind. The good news is that there's really nothing to report. I did a slow 5-miler on Monday. Felt pretty good, besides the pain on the underside of my right toes. Tuesday I did 8 miles. I'm happy to report my shin pain *seems* to be gone (knock on wood). But dear God....the pain on the underside of my toes is ANNOYING. The weird thing is that the pain disappears as soon as I quit running. It has to be related to the biomechanics of running and/or my new shoes.

Another RANDOM event....the dingo and I were nearing the half-way mark of the 8-miler yesterday and he started getting sick. I slowed down to let him throw up and I notice a lady with a dog coming towards me. It's pretty dark at this time and she has a flashlight. As I get closer, I realize it's my BOSS. It was a bit awkard....but we were able to laugh about it today. Tomorrow will be my last run before our big one this weekend. 20 miles. After last weekend, I don't know what to expect....but all of our other long runs have gone well, so here's hoping that trend continues. Here's also hoping the humidity goes away!


Marlene said...

Boo to Blogger being blocked at work! That's where I do most of my catching up too.

TOO weird bumping into your boss while out for your run!

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Hope your Doggy is OK. So funny about your boss.

20 MILER- Woot Woot..

If work blocked Blogger I would have to STOP.. BUMMER!

lindsay said...

mine was blocked one day too... but thankfully hasn't become the norm yet! randomly, some blogs are blocked but not all? weird. guess you'll have to be more productive! ;)