Thursday, September 17, 2009

Day 46 - Expo!

So today was the eagerly awaited race expo....and I was sadly disappointed. This race isn't as big as the HM we did previously, and the expo showed it. I did get a Nathan Runner's Pak. It holds my cell phone and 6 or 7 GUs. Perfect (I hope)! I don't think I'm going to use it for this weekend's half....There's a GU station mid-way through and I think I will carry my own water for this race. It can hold an additional GU(s). I'm not quite sure about my GU strategy for this race. I'd like to stick with the every 45 minute routine that I've been following (hopefully training my belly too), but I probably don't need to re-fuel that often for such a "short" distance. Funny that 13.1 miles is now considered short!

As for my run this morning, the dingo and I set out on our 5 mile hilly route. I felt fine....the hills were a nice distraction from my aches and pains. My shins didn't hurt at all (and haven't all day). My feet are still adjusting to my shoes though. Our time was pretty good, considering I never stopped my watch once. Well, good for me!

Tonight I plan on making the kids and Daddy their race-day shirts. I've never done iron-on decals, so hopefully it won't be a huge disaster. The race shirt I got today is pretty nice. It's a short-sleeved technical tee in royal blue. Pictures to come, of course! Tomorrow night we're heading to our friends' house for a pasta buffet and carbo-loading. Should be fun! I really hope things go well on Saturday. The nice girl at the running store warned me that you can pysche yourself out for these "shorter" races. Kind of like when OSU is so busy preparing for Michigan that they overlook Northwestern (no offense, Gina). We'll see..... Hopefully I'll have a good race report on Saturday!


HEATHER @ runfastermommy! said...

Good luck with that pack! I have the same one and hated it, the belt kept loosening and riding up. But then I took a couple of safety pins to the belt loop to hold it in place, and now I love it! I hope you have an easier time with it! GOOD LUCK with your race!!!

Morgan said...

Bummer the expo wasn't very exciting. :(

Yeah I am stoked for my taper 10 miler coming up in two weeks, I've decided I'm just going to go balls to the wall for it since it's so short. Look at what marathon training has done to us!!! :)

"Wrist Rockers" are sweat bands for your wrists, to wipe the sweat mustache of course! :) I just gave it a better name. LOL!

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

I wrote down your race as the "Training Half" what is the name of the race?

Good luck with the advice take it one row at a time..

Glad you found a pouch.

Pictures, yes please :)

Marlene said...

Can't wait to see your race shirt AND the spectator shirts. :)

Good luck at the race!!!

P.S. the word verification is "allsoles" - how cool is that?