Friday, September 4, 2009

Day 38 - Apathy

Apathy is just the perfect word to describe my mood the past few days. My runs have been going fine. I'm annoyed at the aches and pains, but none of them are too severe. I look forward to the the long runs, just because that means I'll be one step closer to reaching my goal. I dread the post-run ice bath and DOMS that comes on Sunday. BUT, there is light! We'll get to spend Monday as a family, enjoying the best donuts ever, a great parade and a cook out that evening. Right now, I need to not focus on running so much. It has taken over my life....and I never intended it to be that way. I want it to be fun and relaxed. I feel like it's my job now. I hope some of these feelings are normal and a sign that yes, I've been working my butt off for the last 10+ weeks. I'm hoping this every-so-slight negativity doesn't creep into my long run tomorrow. I *need* to keep having good long runs, or I'm going to dive even deeper into the sea of negativity.
So, with that off my chest. Yesterday was a good 5-miler. No problems. Great weather. The dingo wasn't as cooperative as I would have liked, but everyone has an "off" day. We went to Target and I found what I hope to be the shirt I'll wear on M-Day. It's long sleeve and HOT PINK!! I want to make sure it won't chafe though. It's made my Champion (their C9 line) and supposedly compresson and moisture-wicking. We'll see..... Did I mention it's hot pink?! I want my family to be able to find me!! Tomorrow we'll start super early on our 17-miler, so my sister can get to her step-son's cross country meet. We're going a bit off the schedule, since we decided to throw in the HM on 9/19. Trying to make up some of those miles! Hopefully I'll have another good report.

How could I forget???? Go Bucks!!! Beat Navy!!!


Morgan said...

Pink is my happy color! :) I totally just picked up a killer pink Halo sweatband and I'm going to rock the hell out of it tomorrow morning! :)

Good luck on the 17M!!!!

Marlene said...

I know what you mean about feeling that running/training is taking over your life. I always start to get those feelings about 3/4 of the way through a training cycle. Push through it - it will be worth it! Remember why you love this. Imagine the finish line and how you will feel!

Hot pink? Nice! Can't wait to see it.