Thursday, October 29, 2009

5K to Carpet Cleaning....

Yes, yes, I do lead a glamorous life!  As you know, this week has been busy, busy, busy. I'm glad to say that once the carpet-cleaning-man leaves my stress will be over for the week!!  Who would have thought that getting your carpet (and area rugs) cleaned would be so stressful?! 

So yes, I tend to do things non-traditionally.  After running a marathon on October 18th, I decided to try out a 5K.  I've always been a bit weary of 5Ks because they are essentially sprints and I'm pretty sure God created me as one of those non-fast-twitch-muscle-types!  Regardless, it was for a good cause and hubby was excited to "race".  Now mind you, this was my first post-marathon run and the devil Jillian had cursed me the day previous.  But all excuses aside, I had hoped to run under 30 minutes.  I came in at 30:13 (9:45/mile).  I was a bit disappointed, until I realized I don't really have a competitive bone in my body and I'm just glad to have had the experience.  Pretty lame, I know.  Now hubby and I had made no verbal commitments to stay together.  I mean, the furthest he had run prior to the race was 1.9 miles.  I figured there would be some walking involved for him.  He finished at a respectable 32:12 (10:24/mile).  He was pretty angry at me for not staying with him the entire time, but holy cow....he had run THREE times time prior to the race.  He did fantastic and I'm only a tad bit envious of his ability to "get in shape" so quickly.  Men.... My pride/ego will not get in the way next time, so for the Turkey Trot....we will stay together!

The rest of the week's activities have gone on as scheduled.  I won't say "without a hitch" because there's always a hitch when kids are involved!  The costume parade was fun (minus the 10 minutes I had to spend fighting with the kids to actually put their costumes on and get in the car).  The flu mist vaccinations went remarkably smoothly.  Making the oreo/spider cookies was a major PITB, but I got it done at 11pm.  Work yesterday  Last night we de-cluttered and rearranged furniture in preparation for today's carpet cleaning.  Today sweet Caroline had to spend 4 hours at the daycare to continue "transitioning" into her classroom.  My parents (and usual babysitters) are leaving for a 2 week Meditterrean cruise today.  That means I had to find an alternate babysitting service!  She's never been left with anyone but family and she's such a sensitive....Mommy's girl!  I've been taking her for a few hours at a time for the last 2 weeks to the daycare.  She cries and cries and is just so pathetic.  Luckily I only work part time and she'll only have to go 4 days in the next two weeks.  Just more emotional (and physical) stess to add to my life.

I'm so glad to be back on my workout schedule.  Getting up at 5:15am yesterday was no fun, but it feels good to use muscles that haven't been used in awhile!  My workout plan is as follows (hubby permitting):

Monday - Weight training/Cardio
Tuesday - Run
Wednesday - Cardio
Thursday - Run
Friday - Weight training/Cardio
Saturday - Run (longish)
Sunday - RELAX!

I don't belong to a gym (essentially because I'm cheap and don't really have the time to *go* to a gym) so all my workouts are done at home in my state of the art workout room....aka the dark, dingy basement. gets the job done.  I've compiled quite a collection of workout DVDs and when I get bored of those, I check out videos from the library.  Gosh, I'm such a Mom.  But like I gets the job done!  And speaking of getting the job carpets are clean!!  Time to go pick up my baby girl and have one last lunch with my parents and sister before they leave.


Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Oh clean carpets...I WISH!! Ours are the definition of GRoss.

Ummm I left my hubby too within the first weave of our 5K.. I have too many competitive bones in my body.

1/2 Marathon Gu plan. I will Take a Gu Chomp at miles 4 and 8 and a Gu Roctane at 6 and 10. If I need something the last 3.1 I will take another chomp. This plan is easy for me to remember. If the water stops don't line up I will probably wear my fuel belt or carry a hand held..

Faith Ann said...

My hubby and I don't stick together during races... he's competitive, I'm not. He cares about his time WAY too much.

I also don't belong to a gym and go downstairs for my workouts. I don't know how on earth I'd ever arrange for childcare and have the extra driving time to get there. I have several dvds and a few pieces of equipment and that's good enough.

Marlene said...

What a busy week over there! I hope things are settling down for you now.

Enjoy those clean carpets!

TMB said...

I have never run an entire race with my hubby ... we usually start together and by the end of the first mile, he is telling me to leave him ... I think it's a huge ego blow to him! Congrats on the marathon! Can't wait to be done with mine. To answer your question, I get my run in when my hubby is traveling on the treadmill either during naps or after they are all in bed. Or if my oldest is at school, I push the other two in the stroller. Not so much fun!

Staci Dombroski said...

I wish I could get my husband to get out and run too! I think it would be fun to race together... as long as I win :-)

lindsay said...

lol about hubs getting mad. he just couldn't take the loss ;)

congrats on your first 5k! i have to agree with you... somedays i think 5k's are worse than marathons!