Saturday, September 12, 2009

Day 43 - 18 down.... 8.2 to go!

We set out at 5:30am for our 18-miler today. My sister and I had a guest join us for today's run. We've recently become friends with a couple who actually happens to be distant relatives of my hubby. They have kids the same ages as our kids and they live really close to us. We have lots in common and they're a lot of fun to hang out with. Well, this couple has been running for 3 years. They've done a number of half marathons and just did their first full marathon in May. The husband (Mike) is training for the same half and full marathon that my sister and I are training for. The wife (Christina) was pregnant when training for this marathon began, so she's not running. I can't imagine training for a marathon by yourself, so I offered Mike to join us on our long runs. I think he swallowed his pride to have to train with two chicks and took me up on the offer.

We did the same route as a few weeks ago, just adding an extra lap at one of the parks. Coming up with these long run routes is HARD! Trying to find potties, drinking fountains, side's tough! Conversation came easy and the time seemed to breeze by. The only thing that bothered me was the balls of my feet. I decided to hold out on getting my new shoes until tomorrow. I didn't want to try out new shoes on an 18-miler. I'm pretty sure I'm NOT going to get the same ones as before. I need more forefoot cushioning and I'm pretty sure I supinate (but from what I've read I would just need a neutral shoe to help with that). Is it lame that I'm excited about getting new shoes? Anyway, I was pretty tired by the end of the run. We ran a bit slower today, but I also didn't stop my watch at every stop light or when I took my GUs. The every 45 minute GU seems to be a going well. I still preemptively take my full Immodium dose and only "eat" a Roctane GU before the run. I'm not sure how much water I take in over the course of these long runs (I start out with 28 ounces, but refill my handheld whenever we're near a drinking fountain). I don't feel dehydrated. I've also been feeling better post-run. I've embraced the ice baths for the good that they surely do! I had the kids all day by myself and had enough energy to entertain them! My quads might be a tad bit sore tomorrow. They're pretty tight when I go down the steps or go from sitting to standing. We'll see.... Aleve doesn't help me as much as good ol' ibuprofen. I may try an epsom salt foot soak tonight as I watch the Buckeyes (hopefully) beat USC. So with my 11th week of training completed, I'm off to enjoy the rest of my weekend! Go BUCKS!!

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