Saturday, September 5, 2009

Day 39....and feelin' it!

Good or bad....this week's long run is DONE and I can start my weekend! Yahoo!! 17.7 miles according to G. We started out at 5:30am, after a rough night of sleep. Noisy kids coming home from the HS football game, a concert and a klutzy hubby didn't make for very good sleeping. Oh yeah, and a 2 year old needing to be rocked back to sleep. But anyway, I was ready for the run. We ran for almost 2 hours in the dark. Unfortunately, the time/miles didn't tick away as quickly as they did in previous dark runs! My belly hurt off and on (despite taking the usual 2 Immodium AD tablets and avoiding certain foods the day before) and it was just a looong run. My left knee bothered me the first few miles and then my legs just got progressively tighter. We took a few walk breaks towards the end for tummy issues, but otherwise we only stopped to take our GUs every 45 minutes. The post-run ice bath wasn't nearly as bad as last week. The ice melted much quicker this time, so I'm thinking the water wasn't as cold as usual! In any case my sweet Caroline "entertained" me for the 20 minutes I was submerged. We then spent about an hour all snuggled up in bed watching cartoons, while I tried to warm up. I picked up some new Nike socks yesterday that had more forefoot padding. I almost feel like Nike is a 4-letter word around the running community...I never hear/read of anyone who actually runs in Nikes. But I digress! I really liked the socks and my feet feel pretty good post-run. Not sure if they're just getting used to more mileage or if it really was the socks. Today's run was just over a mile more than last week, so not too big of an increase. This week's mileage topped out at 36 miles. A definite record for me! So looking to next week, we do 5 - 8 - 5 -18. Hopefully it will be another week of mindless running, plugging away at the goal! Have a great Labor Day!!


Marlene said...

My hubby swears my Nike socks. Glad they seemed to work out for you.

Congrats on the long run!

lindsay said...

nice job on the long run and getting it done! hope you've been enjoying the nice long weekend :)

it's definitely funny about nike... lots of people wear their clothes, but not really the shoes!