Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Fuel belt/pack recommendations needed!

I have an SPI belt that I run with occasionally. I used it during my first HM and it I ended up taking the thing off and giving it to my Dad because I was so annoyed with it. Well, on these past few long runs, I've needed some extra storage space. My amphipod handheld is great, but it can only hold 3 GUs. I'd also like to be able to carry my cell phone, meds, etc. I don't think I will actually run with water on M-day. I think the hydration stations should be plenty (there are 21). Plus, if you carry your own water, don't you have to stop and refill your bottles? I'm talking logistics here (not really concerned about my finish time). So, the reason I dislike the SPI belt is because 1) it gets all twisty when full 2) it rides up to my natural waist and hurts my belly (like I need anymore belly issues). So, what do you guys use/recommend for carrying your fuel/necessities on race day? Any tips and recommendations for fuel/hydration on race day is appreciated! In sure to check out Marlene's Halo Headband giveway HERE!!


Marlene said...

Thanks for linking up my giveaway!

I'm currently waiting for my very first Spibelt to arrive. I hope I like it! I'm planning to distribute my gels evenly between pockets in my skirt and the belt, and won't carry anything else in it. Hopefully it won't be annoying if it's not full.

I'm thinking of carrying my handheld water bottle... still undecided! If it's not a hot day, I may just rely on the water stations.

I really like the fuel belts by Nathan... check those out.

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

I have a Nathan Fuel belt that I like for LONG runs...have never used it on M day. The pocket is large and the bottles carry just enough fluid. What I would suggest it to find gear with pockets.. Shorts and tank with zipper pockets that can fit your stuff. I know that running stores carry little zipper pouches for STUFF...maybe try a couple of those.. Can't think of the brand right now.

Morgan said...

I have taken to stuffing gu's in my sports bra! LOL! I hate my spibelt too!

Chic Runner reviewed iBelt and said it was the bomb... I've been considering that.