Thursday, July 30, 2009

Day 19 - New Shirts

I woke up with an excitement to run today. My new shirts came yesterday and I was dying to try them out! Yes, it truly is the small things in life that make me happy. The dingo and I put in 3.5 miles on our usual Thursday route. I felt pretty good, nothing to complain about. I practiced my "mental movie" of my best training run. It's amazing how much positive imagery can really help! I'm still working on my second mental movie about the marathon finish. I want to get it just right in my head (because I'm sure it will bear nothing in actual resemblence)! I also got my iPod working again....praise sweet baby Jesus! Two runs in silence is horrible, I've got to say! I didn't really look at all the songs on my "Workout 1" playlist after the system re-boot, so some oldie-but-goodie songs popped up during my run today. I think for the actual marathon I won't edit my playlist so much. I'm very connected to music. Almost every song I hear has some sort of personal significance. Hearing some of the music that I listened to when I initially started out on my weight loss journey was fun....and inspiring! I've also started a list of songs I want to buy from iTunes for my "Marathon Playlist". Whoever said running was an inexpensive sport was sorely mistaken! Of course needs vs. wants are different things, too! Well, I hear Caroline starting to stir. Braden is happily watching Power Rangers....gosh, when did he get so old to like Power Rangers?! That means my day needs to get going. I think we may treat the dingo to a day at the doggie spa today. He needs a good bath and teeth brushing!


Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

"praise sweet baby Jesus!" In a manger all cute and small baby Jesus.. LOL!!

The little things are what makes life more enjoyable..

Morgan said...

Thanks for stopping by my digs! New running gear is soooooooo much fun! Love your blog layout, so pretty! Keep up the great training!!!

P.S. My training plan is a bit more aggressive than most, that's why I'm already up to a 20.