Monday, July 6, 2009

Day 5

Today begins week #2. With a good running plan in place, I decided it was time to begin the mental training that goes along with running a marathon. With my sister still being questionable to run the full marathon with me, I wanted to make sure I had something that I could train "with", something that would support me throughout my journey. I found that in a new training plan and book. After talking with one of my friends who had completed her first marathon in 2003, she recommended The Non-Runners Marathon Trainer (TNRMT). It's still a 16 week plan, but the mileage is a little bit less. I figured this was better for me, since I'm still pretty new to running and would hate to earn an over-use injury from training too much, too soon. I'll have to scan in my mileage plan in to the blog. I might adjust it a bit, since I would really feel better getting in at least one 20-miler before the big day. It also addresses the mental component of training for a marathon. I'll have one chapter to read each week, to prepare me for that week's training. I plan on doing that each Sunday.
Day 5 (under my new training plan) called for a 3 mile run. My run ended up being almost 3.7 miles. It was a great morning. Clear skies, sunshine and 61 degrees. It's days like this that I feel like I could run forever. Cooper was a bit sluggish. Not sure what that was about. I didn't really have any aches or pains during the run. I tried to incorporate this week's "slogan" from TNRMT "it doesn't matter". As in "My legs hurt a bit going up this hill....but it doesn't matter". Mind over matter so to speak. Worked great and gave me just the motivation I needed to finish my run strong. It also talks about visualizing a positive outcome. I get chills and teary-eyed just thinking about crossing that finish line. Is that weird? I just want it so bad.

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