Saturday, August 1, 2009

Day 20 - "Work"

So, I survived "work" on two fronts today. My sister and I pulled out a great 10-miler (well, actually it was 9.8 miles, but who's counting?) AND I survived my actual work. I think I explained in an earlier post that working the weekend as a dietitian isn't just like any other day....All of the places I've ever worked they pull ONE dietitian to do the work of typically 4 or 5. That essentially means you're crazy busy all day and have no time to even breathe. Getting in at 10:00am didn't help either. But hey, it's not like I was lounging around in bed or my house....I got up at 6:00am to be at my sister's house by 6:30am. We were out the door and on our way to 10 miles by 6:40am. Being the slow pokes that we are (well, that *I* sister happens to be speedy but slows down for me) we finished around 8:20am. By the time I got home, showered and ate breakfast I arrived at 10:00 am. As for the run, it went pretty well. The last 2 miles dragged on a bit longer than I would like....but I was also having some stomach issues. And that was with taking 1 immodium. I swear, I just don't know what the deal is with my GI system. My legs felt good, but we did quite a few hills and my hamstrings were a bit tight by the end. No big deal though! I took an Aleve and headed out to work and felt good the rest of the day. There is nothing more thrilling than finishing your long run. I can't decide if I like the sense of accomplishment, looking forward to the day "off" afterwards or being able to eat ice cream guilt free....It's truly a toss-up! I celebrated my first 20 mile+ week by a Reese Cup glacier at my favorite frozen custard stand. Delish! As for other fun things.....Tall Mom on the Run, Mel, has another GREAT giveaway that I'm just oh-so-excited about!! RUN, don't walk to check out her blog and giveaway. The "girls" are always looking for better support and Moving Comfort has some great products to accomplish that. If you notice, one of their bras is already on my "Wish List". Anyway, tomorrow I may post my HM recap.... Otherwise it's just another day


Running, kind of. said...

Wow! I just happened upon your blog from Tall Mom on the Run's giveaway! Great job with your endeaver to run a marathon! I get so inspired by all the women out there running and exercising! Keep up the hard work!

Ron said...

hey nicole feel free to email for any questions. Id love to help! Since I am new to your blog...which marathon are you training for?