Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Day 18 - Recap...

Gosh, I don't even know where to start! So much has happened since my last post! Of course I've been keeping up on my training runs, just not updating about them! We left for Lakeside, OH last Thursday. Took just over 3 hours to get there and the kids did suprisingly well. We met up with our extended family from Washington DC and Columbus. My parents also went. There's always so much to do at Lakeside and never enough time. I did get in my 8-miler on Saturday. Nothing like running on a state route with cars/trucks whizzing past you at 55-65 mph to make you feel like a slug! It wasn't the best scenery, but I got it done and felt good afterwards. We went to Put In Bay, OH later that day. Caroline loved driving around on the golf carts (or "tractors" as she called them). I think we were the only ones there with car seats strapped into our golf cart. They were celebrating Christmas in July and it looked like quite the party. Now, 10 years ago, taking kids to Put In Bay would have been torture. I didn't miss the drinking and partying one bit though. All I could think was "oh, they are going to be hurting tomorrow!" Guess I've grown up!! Saturday night we got the kids all dressed up in their OSU gear to hear the Ohio State Alumni band play at Lakeside. They'd had a pretty long day though and weren't really in the mood to sit and listen to a brass band play. Go figure! Sunday took us to Cedar Point. The kids had a blast, but the 3 previous nights of all of us sleeping in one room (and the last night with all 4 of us in one bed) had caught up with hubby and I. We arrived home safe and sound Sunday night.
Monday morning I got in an "easy" 3 miler. I was completely drained from vacation and then on top of that my iPod decided to stop working. Ugh!! Cooper was still at the doggy hotel, so I was completely on my own. 3 miles never felt so long! As a follow up to my doctor's appointment last week, I was told to call to update my doctor on my condition. Apparently my CPK levels were too high last week and needed to be re-checked. "Severe muscle inflammation" was the diagnosis....uh yeah! I didn't need to have labwork done to confirm that. I mean, I was hurting so bad I sat in a bath tub full of ice cubes and cold water! I went to have my labwork re-done today. Hopefully it will come back normal, as I really am feeling almost 100% better.
Today, my iPod still wasn't working, but at least I had my trusty running dingo back! 5 miles of hills. Felt pretty good, but I'd be lying if I didn't tell you that I was wishing the whole time that I could just be done. How am I ever going to do 26 miles?? In any case, this week in TNRMT it discusses creating 2 short "mental movies" to replay in your mind during tough runs. My first "movie" is of my run at Lakeside. What I wore, the course, the smells, how I felt, what I heard, etc. My second "movie" is still in production. It's suppose to be about crossing the finish line at the marathon. The more positive images you create, the more likely you are to have a positive outcome. Apparently your brain can't tell the difference between pictures and actual experiences. This book is exactly what I need to help with the mental training. In other *postive* news, I got a $25 gift certificate to use at my favorite local running store, Up and Running. It's from their customer rewards program and I'm so excited to go use it! Of course, I just bought a few shirts (black and aqua/green) from the Running Warehouse summer sale, but I'm sure I'll be able to find *something* to buy!

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