Thursday, July 16, 2009

Day 11 - Dripping Wet

Today was not a good day to head out with out my trusted Sweaty Band
. I guess I was just so excited to go running this morning I forgot....but about 1.5 miles into my run, I realized it was HUMID. Got home (dripping wet) to see that although it's only 71 degrees, the 94% humidity was killer. Despite the humidity, I was determined to get in a tempo run. I don't have a fancy watch (and rarely even run with one....maybe part of my problem or lack of speed) and I really never even pay attention to my time. During my training for the Flying Pig, we followed a Jeff Galloway program and his beginner running plan just called for 30-45 minute runs through the week (and of course a long run on the weekend). Every 3 weeks we did his Magic Mile time trial, so to speak, but that's the only time I ever looked at my pace. So today, to see that I could actually do a sub 10:00min/mile pace was invigorating! I still have a long way to go, I know! The dingo and I did 3.5 miles in total and are set to do 7 miles this weekend. I hope we have decent weather! We passed something odd along our course today....This one house had about 5-6 boxes of liquor sitting out at the curb. Now, this isn't the *best* part of town, but it's not horrible! I was thinking either 1) they had robbed a liquor store or 2) some poor alcoholic's stash was just dismissed! Kinda weird....But not as weird as the pack of bums that my sister and I passed last weekend on our run, though. They were clearly homeless (dirty, stinky, carrying all their belongings) but they were dressed as if they had robbed some college kids or something. Trendy t-shirts, jeans and flip flops. As they were coming towards us, I actually thought they were college kids! Guess the thrift stores/homeless shelters are getting some good donations in this time of economic downturn?!
Anyway, next week we'll be leaving for Lakeside. I'm excited, as it's our only real family vacation this summer, but I have lots to do in preparation. I'm also excited about running up there. I'm hoping I can find a nice, long path along the lake, to do my scheduled 8-miler. Should be fun! And as a side note, please keep Kyle and his sweet family in your prayers. He's fighting the complications of ALL. Here's his website: His story, much like all cancer kids', is just heartbreaking.

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Marlene said...

Great job on the tempo run!

Have a great weekend in Lakeside. The change of scenery should be nice for your long run.