Saturday, July 4, 2009

Day 4

So, the first week of training comes to an end. Today was a five-miler. Note to self: Taco Bell is never a good idea, the night before a matter how small the distance! I thought I could manage it, since it's such a short distance, but nope! Cooper got his first mid-run visit to the bathroom. Thank goodness the bathrooms were open at the HS track!! I felt good otherwise during the run. I really have a lot of momentum and excitement about taking on this marathon. I feel really confident that this is something I WILL accomplish. I've talked with so many people who say that Columbus is such a "good, little marathon", "well supported", "fun". I sure hope so! My shins didn't hurt a bit yesterday or today. I'll probably ice them later, just to take extra precaution. The more I think about getting new shoes, the more I think I really do just need extra arch support. My arches have been kinda "achy" ever since I got these shoes. Hopefully that will get me through to September. In lieu of my day of "rest" yesterday, I chose to do a 30 minute weight training video, concentrating on arms and chest. Of course my lower back/obliques are the sorest! It felt good to do something, though. Tomorrow, Sunday, will be my true day of rest. No guilt, I promise!

End of week one total mileage: 19 miles


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