Monday, July 13, 2009

Day 9 - Back on Track...Hopefully

It was another great running day in Ohio! 60 degrees, only 69% humidity, sunny skies. These are my favorite days. The dingo and I ran our usual Monday loop. 3.5 miles in duration. Had a little bit of left shin pain, that subsided within a few minutes. I had another curious pain though in my right achilles tendon (inner side). It actually just felt tight and did subside a bit. I'll have to research better ways to stretch there. My day "off" didn't really seem like much of a day off. I guess that's how it always goes, though. Your vacation or the weekends always go much too quickly. Maybe that will mean that October will be here before I know it! I still have so much training ahead, though. It's a bit overwhelming on days like Saturday when I just felt so bad and I really doubt my ability to do this thing! I read the next chapter in TNRMT. It reminded me that people that had NO running experience before were able to complete a marathon. Surely I can. Even if it means a bit of walking here and there. Does that make me less of a runner?

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