Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Day 10 - Hills

The dingo and I did our usual Tuesday Hill loop today. I decided to change it up a bit though, and run the route in the opposite direction. It's always amazing to me how different the perspective is, just by changing directions. The curious pain in my right achilles tendon all but disappeared. My left shin was a bit tender, but other than that, no complaints. It was chillier than I expected. 55 degrees, 34% humidity and clear skies. I felt great on this run. I felt like a real runner today. I needed some confidence back. The hills took us over 4.5 miles in duration with a climb of 250 feet. I even had enough kick in my legs to put in some speedwork in the end. Okay, that was mainly because I had over-shot my distance and hubby had to leave for work by 7:00am today! That said, I still only averaged 10:02/mile. Gosh I'm slow. I used to be okay with that....until I started reading about all my speedy bloggy friends. Just a little friendly competition, I suppose! Then I began to wonder if my sister was embarrased to run with me? You see, she ran cross country and track (full scholarship, I might add) for a Division I school. She must be so humbled to have to run with me....someone who until 11 months ago couldn't run more than 25 feet without wanting to die. I guess that puts in a bit of perspective, but still. I have even more admiration for my big sis.
With my workout done for the day, I need to move on. Braden has preschool today and the appraiser is coming over at Noon for our re-finance. All fingers crossed that our house appraises well! It's looking to be another beautiful day in the neighborhood!

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