Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Back to reality...

And so today begins another work week. I've gotta say, I didn't miss or think about work once on my little vacay. What's worse is that I have to work this weekend. I hate working weekends. That means only one RD on duty and you get all the wackiest patients/consults. To top it off, we have a 10-miler scheduled for Saturday. Okay, enough of the pity party. I did get caught up on some of my DVR shows: The Next Food Network Star, 16 and Pregnant, HGTV Design Star. Still to come is Army Wives, Dirty Sexy Money, and Drop Dead Diva. As you can see, I'm a bit of a TV junkie! But other than running, it's my only release. My only time just to "be".
In other news, I've found a few new blogs to follow! Erica, at I Run Because I Can is giving away a great fuel belt - the Helium 4. Hydration/nutrition while running is one of my biggest concerns. My GI system just doesn't tolerate food well, while running. I'm happy to say that I've been doing okay with my 60% water/40% gatorade mixture while running. I hope to find something else that I can tolerate (I've been told to try pretzels). I also found another nutrition and running-related blog, Trials of Training , so hopefully I can pick up some tips there, too! I'm guessing it's because of my recent illness or maybe the heat/humidity, but my motivation is just low. I think I may rent a couple marathon-related movies to get me back in the right mind-set. Not sure when I'll have time to watch them....but it's on my "to do" list!
Since today is a "rest" day, there is no training report.....except that it felt good to do some weight training this morning (as opposed to the pilates I had been doing on Wednesdays). I may dig up my race report from my half marathon to post. Might as well have all my "writing" in one spot for posterity!

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