Monday, August 10, 2009

Day 25 - Swimming

No, I didn't change up my weekly routine and decide to do some cross-training this morning at the pool....but I might as well have! I walked out my back door at 6:15am to find 74 degrees and high, high humidity. I really might as well have gone swimming. The air was thick with moisture, and I felt like I was moving so slooowly. I was smart and used my inhaler prior to leaving, so there was no wheezing or real hard breathing....but everything was just tight and irritable. I wasn't happy with my bra, shorts, or shirt. Everything clung to me and made me miserable. To top it off, my iPod decided to stop working as well. Aghhh!! I'm guessing the little bit of rain that we got into on Saturday did it in. I really need to pay more attention and take better care of that's proving to be my lifeline! So, needless to say, I have no idea what my average pace was, but I did get in just over 4 miles. My legs felt pretty good....all shin pain is gone (from my indoor track workout) and my quads just had traces of soreness from Saturday's run. I actually felt pretty darn good after Saturday's run. The run might not have been ideal for me, but at least the recovery was! I guess I am making some strides.
My goal for this week (outside of the actual running) is to find or order some compression shorts. I have looked at 2 local running stores and have come up empty handed. I'm going to stop at one more local place tonight and then maybe hit Dick's Sporting Goods tomorrow. If I come up empty there, I'm just going to order a pair online. Any recommendations? Also, after much debate and research, I decided to stick with my Garmin FR60. Although I'm running a ton right now, I know this won't always be the case. I want something that can be versatile, yet accurate. I really don't mind the foot pod...especially if it's more accurate than Nike+ !! And last but not least....I wanted something that would be decent to *look* at. Some of those watches are just ugly....and for what they cost, I'd like to be able to wear them more than just the 5 hours (right now) of running I do each week! I may look back to regret this decision, but I feel good about my decision now. Hopefully within the next week, I'll be sporting THIS little lady on my wrist. Oh yeah, thanks hubby! ;-)


Mark said...

Very nice blog!! I do so much of my shopping online. Basically because I can't find the good stuff at the local stores? Keep logging those miles!

gina said...

Nicole. Wow!!! This is awesome. I am soooo impressed with your blog. I read every entry last night. You've been holding out on me, girlfriend. BTW, I should be thanking you because I wouldn't have gotten into running again if you hadn't. I think that becoming a runner as an adult is one of the harder things a person can take on. When you're young, you're with a team and they pull you along and you're too dumb to know any better. But when it's just you and your older, there are more obstacles in my opinion, mostly in the mental arena and some in the physical. So you have my admiration :) I love you!! Gina