Friday, August 28, 2009

Day 34 - Lead Foot

I wish I could say my splits were so speedy yesterday that I had a lead foot...but instead I felt tired, sluggish and like my legs were made of lead! Little bit of a difference. I felt decent the entire run though and didn't have one thing continually nag me.

This weekend (and every one for the next few weeks) will be a personal distance best! 16 miles. Strangely enough, I'm kind of excited for it. Last week's 14-miler really gave me some much-needed confidence. I'm hoping with appropriate rest, hydration, and nutrition I can have another good run. Tomorrow's going to be a loooong day. We set out on our run around 6:00am. Come home, shower/ice bath (I plan on getting the bags of ice tonight to put in our chest freezer), and then head to work to do the job of otherwise 2 or 3 dietitians. From there I have duty in the 3 Year Olds room at church. That is, if my legs haven't fallen off or I've become incapacitated by then! At least I have a "rest" running day on Sunday. I have a feeling I'm going to need it. Ugh....the anxiety is building as I type this. Must re-direct that energy!

Carbo-loading tonight is homemade chicken and dumplings, mashed potatoes and green beans. Mmm...Mmmm! I splurged earlier today with the kids and got some ice cream, while we were at Young's Jersey Dairy. It's so hard to pass up fresh, homemade ice cream! I hope I don't regret it tomorrow on the run! The kids had a blast feeding the goats and seeing all the other farm animals. The trip almost didn't happen when I thought I had "broke" the car. Thanks to a very helpful 2-year old and a know-nothing-about-cars Mom...I had gotten the 4Runner out of gear and was stuck at a stop sign in a very busy shopping center. Luckily after about 20 minutes of directing traffic around our car and entertaining 2 kids, two nice gentleman came up to help. Right as they came up to help, my hubby arrives. Figures. And why was I at the shopping center where my favorite running store is? Picking up some much needed GUs and a LED light to put on while running in the dark. I also plan on decking out the Dingo in some much-needed night time (or early morning really) gear. I'm not taking any more chances! Soon to come will be a Road ID. Lastly, I officially registered for the USAF Half Marathon. I hate that by waiting to sign up I had to fork over $75... but what can you do?! Wish me luck for tomorow!!


Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

GOOD LUCK!!! I was EXCITED for my first 16 miler which I ran while visiting my in-laws in Spokane. To make a long story short I got LOST on the trail and ended up so frustrated that I only pulled out 14...still remember that.

UGH littles ones and a broken down car...I feel your pain..

FYI Shorts Giveaway on my Blog if you are interested. I am trying to get to an AMBITIOUS 200 comments, so please help if you can.

YUMMY carbs!!! Oh and ice cream

Marlene said...

Congrats on registering for the HM!

Good luck on the 16. Don't think about the busy day ahead until you're done. :)

Running, kind of. said...

I can't wait to hear your 16 miler recap!!!! I know you will do great!

lindsay said...

Congrats on officially signing up for the half and hope the long run went well! (I'm a few days behind on my blog reading... Sorry!)