Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Day 22 - Lightening

No, my workout today wasn't lightening fast....but that's what I woke up to this morning. Around 5:00am the dingo crawled into our bed, shaking with fear. I could only hope the storm would blow over by the time my alarm went off at 6:00am. No such luck. It was raining buckets complete with thunder and lightening. So I layed in bed for a few minutes debating on what to do.....I could 1) stay in bed and be lazy (no chance) 2) do 50 minutes of cross-training in the basement and call it even 3) trade days and run tomorrow morning, which would still mean I had to get up and do 25 minutes of cross-training today 4) go to the indoor track and slug out 40 laps or 5 miles. I decided on the latter. I haven't run indoors since the winter. And even then the times were few and far between. Thanks to my YakTrax, I was able to train outside all winter. So I arrive at the gym/track ready to run 5 miles, but with a little bit of dread in my heart. First person/people I see are the "power Mommies" of Braden's preschool. Great....but what great incentive to pick up my pace and pass them!! Turns out they were just "warming up" before a gym workout. Whatever. So I continued on my way to 40 laps around the track. The positive self-talk paragraph came in mighty handy today. I must have repeated it 40 times and wouldn't you know, the time just flew by. I'm not saying my workout was speedy by any means....but at least it's done. Thanks for the input on my watch dilemma. I talked it over with hubby and while he honestly knows nothing about it, he said to get whatever I want..... That could be dangerous!

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