Thursday, August 20, 2009

Day 31 - Do these shorts make me faster?

Of course not....but I woke up with a sense of excitement this morning. I got to run in my new gear! Hubby did a great job with sizes, colors, etc. We ran our usual Thursday route. My left shin pain has resurfaced and now both of my achilles tendons feel tight. I figured after the first mile the pain would subside, but I was still noticing it at 2 miles. Then I just decided to forget about it....and it worked! Funny thing, I don't feel one iota of pain now that I'm not running! I did stretch them good after the run, though. I'll be icing my shin again today, too. I think my goal for next week will be to get my shorter runs under 9:50/mile. I was almost there today with the exception of my first mile (9:54). I even ran the last 0.4 miles at 8:39/mile pace. I was practically dragging the dingo! AND it was only 0.4 miles! Oh well....progress. My first 5 mile race we ran a 11:00/mile pace. That was last Thanksgiving. Today will be another busy day with the kids. Many errands to run in preparation for our weekend away. Tonight I'm having dinner with my best girlfriends from High School. And there's my cue...."Mommy......Mommy.....I have pee pee! Fresh dipey please!".

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Marlene said...

Running in new gear is THE BEST!

Isn't it funny how when we stop thinking about the pain, it (sometimes) subsides?

Have a great weekend!