Monday, November 2, 2009

Back to the daily grind...

Last week I was clearly trying to fool myself into thinking that running and cross-training 6 days a week was just as good as training for a marathon.  While I'm not really ready to comitt to another training cycle, it would be nice to have something, anything on the horizon.  Well okay, we are signed up to do the 5 mile Turkey Trot on Thanksgiving Day.  Woohoo!  But after watching the NYC marathon coverage (and secretly stalking a doctor I work with on the marathon course online) I couldn't help but think of what's to come for me.  Last Friday I hatched a plan to start applying for the NYC marathon.  I figure if nothing else....I can put it on my race calendar for 2013~ LOL!  More immediate will likely be a half (or 2....) in the spring and potentially Chicago next Fall.  I've always loved Chicago, thanks to a few trips to visit my sister there while she was in PT school at Northwestern.  It wouldn't be a horrible drive and after reading a few Chicago marathon 2009 recaps....sounds like a stellar race!  And so begins my search for the proper training plan.  I will never be competitive, but I'd like to push myself a bit.  I find it completely amazing that I finished a marathon after only 62 training runs and 440 miles (granted I had enough time to "stop and have a BBQ" but that's neither here nor there, now is it?!).  I have some time to do my research and ultimately it will be what's most convenient for me and my family life!

So speaking of my wonderful sister suprised me with this long-admired tee shirt from Run Happy Tees!!  Well, the one I have is blue and short-sleeved, but you get the point!  If I liked myself in pictures, I might take a pic for you!  I have searched and searched for this shirt, ever since I saw it at the Pig expo last May!  Leave it to my thoughtful sister to find it for me!  One more thing to cross off my "Wish List"!

Other than that, life goes on.  My parents are in Italy as I type.... My sweet Caroline cried for about 6 hours today at daycare.  So sad...  Trick or Treat was fun on Saturday night!  The kids had a blast and best of all, I hid their candy Sunday morning and they haven't asked for it since.  Out of sight, out of mind!  Playdate tomorrow and election day!  There's a lot of really important issues on the I can't forget to VOTE!!


Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said... I thought I was a planner.

Cool shirt.. FYI good pictures are an internal thing...Love to have your picture taken and you will love the pictures..

Morgan said...

You know I totally endorse the Chicago Marathon! :)

2013! LMAO!

Marlene said...

I knew you'd be looking for another marathon soon. :)

That's so sweet of your sister - great shirt!

gina said...

Chicago is tempting....
Poor Caroline, did they call you? And we definitely need to see the t-shirt modeled by you :)