Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Day 57 - Let the healing begin!

Today's run wasn't anything spectacular. My pace is actually getting slower and slower. I'll blame it on 1) my right leg 2) a dingo who has decided he needs to stop frequently 3) I've become a bit weary of sidewalks in the pitch black. My leg pain was at about a 7/10 at the beginning of the run and after it was warmed up, went down to about a 4/10. Very manageable and now that I know my leg's not breaking with every step...I'm okay with that! I wore a new top today. I found it on sale and had to have it for my winter wardrobe. The one I have is in a dark pink, but it looks just like THIS. I was a tad bit too hot in it this morning, but it was so comfy! I was thinking about wearing it on M-Day....but we'll just have to see what the weather has in store. I don't know if the hood would bother me after so many miles/hours? I stretched and iced my leg good after my run, and will work on my strength exercises later. I really hope the healing can begin.


Marlene said...

Ohh, that DOES look comfy!

Good to hear that your leg feels better once it gets warmed up.

The CilleyGirl said...

Cute top!!