Friday, October 9, 2009

Day 58 - Paranoia

I was feeling so good after Tuesday's run. I took Wednesday off and then ran a measly 3 miles on Thursday. Although the pain started at a 6/10 and went down to a 3/10 (better than Tuesday), my leg started to hurt more AFTER the run. What the heck?! Sadly, that's not my biggest issue (anymore). I'm pretty sure if I continue to ice/stretch/strengthen/ibuprofen, I'll be okay.

I am so freaked out by getting sick. I had a cold last week, which went away early this week. By Wednesday night I was starting to feel sick again. I can tell it's all in my throat right now, which means it will settle into my chest soon. ACK!! Add to that the H1N1/seasonal flu paranoia at work (remember, I work at a hospital) and I'm Freaked.Out. I don't want to take the kids anywhere. They are germ magnets!! I don't want to do anything but sit around and sip hot tea and antioxidant-full soups. I don't even like tea....but if there's something that will make me better, I'm all for it! Hopefully this is all just part of the normal first-timer taper jitters. I wake up giving myself these little mental pep talks (rest WILL make me stronger, I will NOT get sick, etc, etc). Doesn't actually make for very restful sleep, if you know what I mean. Add to that uncertainty about what I'm actually wearing on M-day. Guess I could check a 10-day forcast now....YIKES!! I felt so strong and confident after our 20-miler. Where did that go.....I'm pleading for it to return!

ETA: Great, I just checked the 10-day forcast. 60% chance of RAIN. Low of 43 degrees, high 55 degrees. I'll take the temperatures....just not the RAIN. Boo, hoo!

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