Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Day 61 - Dogs' Day....

It's definitely not the dog day's of summer, but the 50 degree temperatures brought out every.single.dogwalker. in the neighborhood! That never makes for a smooth run. We even ran into a stray dog. I felt badly that I didn't have my cell phone on me to call the safety department. Hopefully the little guy made it home safely! Enough about the dogs though. For our "last" run the dingo and I tackled some hills. I wanted to push myself, in hopes of gaining some more confidence. My leg was iffy in the beginning, but the pain did eventually subside, AND I haven't had to alter my stride any! It's weird, because now the spot is *really* tender to the touch. More tender to the touch than it's ever been. Not sure what that means. In any case, I feel pretty confident that keeping me dosed up on ibuprofen will take care of that issue on M-day. I just like to know what I'm really dealing with and haven't been taking the ibuprofen. I made it up all the hills and felt pretty good. I'm debating on whether I'll even do the scheduled 3 mile walk on Thursday? I know it won't do anything for my training, it's just to keep me loose. I'd really like to rest this leg as much as possible. We'll see.... I'm still debating what to wear on M-day too. I foresee a trip to Dick's today. Time to ice the leg and shower. The day must go on!

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Marlene said...

You're almost there!

Glad to hear that the pain hasn't been getting in the way of your runs.