Sunday, November 15, 2009

Warm the Fall???

This week was pretty non-descript in my running life.  I've told myself I need to do at least 15-20 miles  a week to maintain my fitness, until the next training cycle comes around.  Now whether or not there's any validity to that, I don't know....but the numbers work for me.  I've been playing around with the HRM and found that 88 bpm probably really is an accurate HR for my "easy" pace.  The past two Thursdays I've tried to pick up the pace (remember I'm a snail....).  Here are this Thursday's stats:

Mile 1: 9:51/152
Mile 2:  9:20/168
Mile 3:  9:33/161
Mile4:  9:20/155
Mile 5:  9:55/164 (gradual uphill)

Compared to my "easy" pace (this week's long-ish run) on a hilly route:
Mile 1:  9:56/150
Mile 2:  10:32/136
Mile 3:  10:32/116
Mile 4:  10:27/77
Mile 5:  10:33/84
Mile 6:  10:55/90
Mile 7:  11:12/74 (didn't stop my watch at the traffic light)
Mile 8:  10:05/69

I still have some doubts as to the precision of my stats, but it's close enough.  I'd also still like to find some research/training information based on HR guidelines.  It's still on my "to do" list. 

We've been having some funky weather for November in Ohio.  I watched the news before falling asleep on Friday night and it said it was going to be 44 degrees in the morning.  So I get up, put on my capris and a heavier short-sleeved tech tee, go outside and FREEZE.  Back upstairs I go to find something else to wear.  I finally decided on a lighter-weight long sleeved tech tee and the capris.  Back outside I go and as I'm heading down the street, I realize I can see my breath and my fingers are quite cold.  Oops....but I was already committed to this run and I wasn't turning back!  The first runner I pass is in complete winter gear from head to toe.  I immediately feel like an idiot.  I'm just sure I'll be the laughing-stalk of the running community as I try to pull my long sleeves over my fingers to keep warm.  Well, next thing I know, I'm huffing and puffing it up a big hill and I don't feel cold at all anymore.  In fact, after about 4 miles, I feel a WARM BREEZE.  I thought for sure I must be hypoxic or something....I mean just 40-ish minutes ago I could see my breath and now I'm being washed over in a warm breeze?  It was quite bizarre but it was at that point that I just allowed myself to relax and enjoy this fall run.  The dingo had a couple of issues (including a poo bag explosion) but all in all, it was a great Saturday morning run.

Things were also pretty non-descript in my Mommy life, too this week!  We muddled through a week of daycare and alternative care for Ms. Caroline (the daycare essentially kicked her out).  I got my H1N1 shot at the hospital and then drug the kids out to the county health department expo to get their shots.  At previous expos, people had been waiting 2-4 hours in line.  I didn't know what to expect, so I packed the diaper bag with the portable DVD player/movies, books, cars, ponies, and of course snacks.  I hauled the kids in the wagon as they finished up their lunch.  About 20 minutes into the line, Braden decides he needs to go to the potty.  Umm....what?  No way.  I had a change of clothes in the car and if he peed his pants, well then he peed his pants.  I wasn't about to give up my spot in line!  Looking back, I should have just gotten out of line and let him go.  We were out of there in just over an hour.  They both cried  horribly sad cries when they got their shots, but otherwise it was pretty smooth sailing.  Braden even kept his pants dry!  Hooray!  Caroline made herself comfy in the wagon most of the time, while reading "Go Dog Go".  I didn't even need half the stuff I'd brought to entertain them.  I feel better knowing that they are now at least partially protected from the flu.  I tend to be quite the germ-a-phobe, but I also can't stand staying in the house all winter.  Hopefully this will help!


Marlene said...

What crazy November weather. It's been like that around here too.

Sounds like you've had a busy household!

TMB said...

ha! I would have totally made my kids wait in the line too! I always say, I'll deal with the mess later!

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

I have never thought about my Heartrate while running.

Lisa said...

Hi there, found you through the comment you left on Tall Mom's blog. Funny you married your high school sweetheart...I did too and Saturday is our 17th anniversary although we have been together for 25 years!!! Looks like we share similar running paces. I'm a new follower and adding you to my reader. Looking forward to getting to know you.