Saturday, April 10, 2010

When it Rains, It Pours

This was the first week at my new job.  To say that I am overwhelmed is an understatement.  I know the grass is always greener on the other side and that change is in fact a good thing....but right now all I want to do is head back to my old job.  The sad thing about that is that I did stay on in a "resource" position at the hospital and was asked to work this weekend.  It initially felt good to be in a place where people know me and more importantly, I know what I'm doing!  The sad part is that my old-coworkers have already moved on without me.  Not that I thought they would keep an eternal vigil or something, but my name has been taken off all the group email lists, my time sheet is gone, etc, etc.  Although painful to witness, this motivates me even more to make my new job work.  There's no turning back!  Despite an apparent lack of preparation on my new job's part (I mean really....who needs a computer or access to patient information) and about 6.5 hours of training, I think I will like my new job.  Maybe. Hopefully. 
And just when I think my week can't get any worse, I go for a run in the rain with my cell phone in my water-proof jacket pocket, and it gets soggy.  Yes, that would be cell phone #2 this year due to running-related injuries.  The good news is that I've upgraded to a Blackberry and finally feel like part of the grown-up world!  So, a question for you all.  How do you keep your phones from being exposed to moisture/sweat/rain? 

The next bummer of the week came from my "friend"/co-worker who had asked me to run the Cleveland 1/2 marathon with her on May 16th.  We made our Hotel arrangements and were trying to work out our running schedules so that we could do a couple of long runs together (she's a RN and works 12-hour shifts).  I went ahead and registered for the race last week, before the price increased.  Come to find out this week that the race is sold out now and my friend never registered.  So now, I'm running 2 out of my 3 races by myself.  This means the family will be coming with me and the expenses will quadruple!  Ugh.  I emailed the race director to see if perhaps I could "sell" my spot to someone....we'll see.

The one bright spot in my week came from a couple of packages arriving.  One was from Training Tag-Alongs and the other was from Skirtsports.  Although I had some issues with the nice folks at Training Tag-Alongs initially, their customer service recovery has been great!  I understand that they are a new company and are trying to work out some kinks.  Pictures to come soon of the kiddos in their cute shirts!  I've had such bad luck with online orders lately (in addition to that mess, I've now gone through 3 swim suits, trying to find one that fits) that I was sure my new running skirt wouldn't fit. But, miracle of all miracles, it fits!!  Unfortunately it was too chilly to try it out on my long run yesterday, but hopefully it will warm up this week, so I can give it a try.  My running has continued to go well.  No major aches and pains.  I'm excited for my upcoming races and hope my hard work and dedication will pay off.  You just never know what race day will throw at you.  In any case, I've been extremely thankful to have my running to keep me sane over the past few weeks.  Well, maybe not "sane" persay, but at least functioning!


lindsay said...

hope you start feeling more settled in at work soon! i put my phone in a ziploc bag when i run - has worked for me so far!

Anonymous said...

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